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We are artists, entrepreneurs, disruptive innovators and nation builders, committed to harnessing the power of art and creativity to heal, transform, inspire and materialize our most audacious hopes and dreams.

- Lesley-Ann Welsh, Co-founder & Managing Director

Manifesto Jamaica is a social enterprise committed to educating, exposing and empowering youth through art and culture. We believe that the creative arts can be used to effectively alleviate youth unemployment, poverty, violence and social exclusion.

Our mission is to develop and attract opportunities for young people that inspire creativityproductivity and elevated consciousness, by harnessing the talents of nation builders.

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Manifesto Jamaica emerged in May 2010, around the same time Jamaica was experiencing significant social and political upheaval during the Tivoli Gardens incursion. Our first project was a creative arts exhibit and performance at a Greenwich Town Labour Day event in 2010, planned in collaboration with the Social Development Commission (SDC).

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We are a sister-organization to Manifesto Community Projects in Toronto, Canada. The alliance between Manifesto and Manifesto Jamaica spawned in 2008 through Project Nine Mile, a computer literacy program at the Stepney All Age School (now the Bob Marley Primary & Junior High School) in St. Ann, Jamaica.

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